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Connect to the Ares network with a Mac with this P2P client




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For years, Mac users have wonderd why didn't they enjoy Ares for Mac. Ares, the most used P2P client for Windows has never been available for Mac users, and that's something they miss.

The long wait has ended with the release of Poisoned, the first P2P client for Mac that uses Ares network.

However, it's not fair to say that Poisoned is Ares for Mac, because Ares is only one of the networks used by Poisoned to share files.

Poisoned can connect to several networks. By that way, the number f files available to share is bigger and the speed is really high.

Poisoned can connect to giftd, FastTrack, Gnutella and OpenFT.

Don't forget to open router prots to let Poisoned download at top speed and enjoy filesharing as never before n Mac.
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